Raise $2,500 for your favorite cause!

Brought to you by Hagen-Dazs and Excedrin


Like to be the winning sorority that earns $2,500 for your chapter’s favorite cause? Be a part of the “Share the Happy” program sponsored by Excedrin® Menstrual Complete and Haagen-Dazs®. There’s never been a more painless way for your sorority to raise money for a cause it supports.

Vote for your chapter, then spread the word--share on Facebook and Twitter, and tell your sisters and friends to join in. The more people who vote for your chapter, the more points your sorority will receive. You can check your chapter's standings by visiting the leaderboard to see how your sorority stacks up against the competition. The top three chapters with the most points will earn $2,500 for their sorority’s chosen charities. So, get your whole sorority involved and rack up the votes. But hurry, because the deadline for voting is December 1, 2010!

The “Share the Happy” program. We support you. You support your favorite cause. Everybody’s happy.